Stuart Hedleywild plants and vegetation

Although graduating with an honours degree in zoology, I have spent most of the last 30 years involved with plants. Working on a County Flora gave me a critical grounding in all groups from weeds to ancient woodlands, and was a springboard for grass-roots involvement in the Nature Conservancy Council's programme of national site inventories - both a valuable benchmark into what the UK's finest wildlife habitat should look like, and a wonderful insight into the regional variety of our ecosystems from the Hebrides to Kent.

From 1990, I spent 15 years with English Nature, initially specialising in survey and monitoring ( including the development of national standards) then latterly as a Conservation Officer in both upland and lowland areas. Here I worked with a very wide range of individuals and enterprises whose lives crossed with our wild places and the plants that inhabit them. Following three years in Spain mostly spent grappling with the flora, I returned to Britain where I now enjoy advocating the value of wild plants through the services I offer.