Stuart Hedleywild plants and vegetation

  • I have been involved in CSM since its inception, and possess an excellent understanding of this rapid yet standardised monitoring tool, both in a wide range of vegetation (notably upland moorland types, especially challenging), and in its SSSI and BAP-habitat guises.

    My experience is invaluable in rapidly locating target vegetation and in the interpretation of results. For some recent work see Condition Assessment in the high Pennines

  • Some environmental monitoring seeks to provide snapshots of condition in time at the national level. I have had considerable involvement in such work.

    For example, in 2010 I provided much-valued input to the Environmental Change Network programme in widely scattered locations across the country, working on a detailed and respected vegetation dataset from the country's National Nature Reserves. In contrast, I also provided quality control on the Countryside Survey, a major initiative based on a random sample conducted once a decade across the UK, and providing a broad-brush picture of land-use change.

  • I have a wide experience of other monitoring techniques including the use of random sampling in investigating change within plant communities, the interpretation of aerial imagery, and the promotion of old, neglected baseline studies as information sources.

    I design bespoke approaches were necessary, and can offer statistical analyses in the comparison of data. For some recent work see Ecosystem repair in Teesdale and Lunedale