Stuart Hedleywild plants and vegetation

In autumn of 2019 I took over as vice-county recorder (VCR) for Herefordshire. Vice-county recorders occur in all the counties of Britain and Ireland and are responsible for gathering and validating plant records and helping others to develop their field botany skills too, so that a picture can be built up of the local flora. This often culminates in the production of a published book, or 'Flora'. Herefordshire is one of the very few English counties still to produce a modern Flora, the last one having hit the presses in 1889.

Our county still possesses relatively large numbers of old meadows, pastures, and ancient woodland, and rivers of good quality. It also clips the mountains of Wales on its west. Unusually for a southern county, it combines this high level of natural heritage with a low population density. This in turn equates to a relative scarcity of local botanists, but for those who indulge, a higher likelihood than typical of finding treasure.

For more information on plant recording in Herefordshire, please follow this link: Herefordshire blog

Ewyas Harold Common, midsummer 2019