Stuart Hedleywild plants and vegetation

  • I have had insight into the learning process through a Cambridge CELTA qualification and several years subsequent teaching experience in Europe. This built upon a range of formal and informal teaching and mentoring situations in my previous work. Since 2012 I have been increasingly contracted to deliver a range of field and classroom-based workshops aimed at skilling and enthusing voluntary and professional groups working to conserve and reinstate British vegetation. Clients comprise the National Trust, the RSPB, the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland, CIEEM, a variety of county Wildlife Trusts and biodiversity partnerships throughout England and Wales, and the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In a world where nature continues to face an uphill struggle, the perennial enthusiasm and delight of students is a powerful motivating force.

    As a lifelong field botanist with an interest in the communication of environmental values I continue to welcome opportunities to assist others in learning about our wild plants and the contribution they can make to our quality of life.

    For Some recent work see the Coronation Meadows Roadshow.

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