Don’t Rush – Take the Time…

Tips on telling blunt-flowered rush Juncus subnodulosus from sharp-flowered rush Juncus acutiflorus, which is much more common in Herefordshire The photo shows some differences in ‘jizz’. Sharp-flowered (L) has dark-chestnut perianths and capsules, blunt-flowered distinctly paler ones (though note much … Continued

Herefordshire oak recording

We have to be (1) consistent about identification and (2) record in a productive and meaningful fashion. 1              Identification Quite a lot has been written on the subject.  There are mathematical formulae (equivalent to the same thing Stace advocates for … Continued


Cambricum is a southern lime-lover and easiest by virtue of very restricted distribution in Herefordshire (the Lower Wye NCA), predilection for south-facing limestone, and having the most distinct form of the three. Distinguishing the other two is more difficult and … Continued