Common Vetch, Vicia sativa

Two of the three subspecies are frequently found in Herefordshire, a slightly unusual situation, subspecies segetalis and subspecies nigra. They are sometimes tricky to name, but much more commonly partition well on the basis of their general appearance and habitat … Continued

Eared Willow

Eared Willow Salix aurita looks to be over-recorded in Herefordshire and it would be good to have more botanists understand it in order to confirm whether or not this is the case. It is a plant of peaty soils, or … Continued


I’ve found three new sites for the greatly under-recorded Brown Bent Agrostis vinealis this year, so thought I would post a first account of the four pasture species. The next few weeks are probably still good for finding vinealis. Common … Continued

Plum and Sloe

Calling all vc36 field botanists! Please help improve our understanding of these familiar but difficult plants by taking a close look at those that grow in your area! Difficult (some would say impossible) because there is a combination of species … Continued

Two trefoils

Starved plants of lesser trefoil Trifolium dubium may pose problems of identification for slender trefoil, Trifolium micranthum. The picture helps by showing the two alongside one another. Note the diagnostic longer central leaflet stalk of dubium (top arrow) and its … Continued